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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Random: Here's an Idea 

Y'all know that I occasionally link to The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons. I like his non-basketball stuff, even though some of the shtick is starting to show signs of aging. His TV column yesterday was pretty good, though I'm pissed off that his best stuff -- found deep in the ESPN.com archives -- is now only available to premium ESPN Insider members.

Anyway, I mention Simmons because yesterday I also ventured over to Tucker Max's site for the first time in ages, and I saw that he now has a blog. Most of it is the typical Tucker Max content, but way down the page I found this.

"In the pantheon of notable internet humor writers, there is me, Maddox, Mil Millington, Cliff Yablonski and a few others, but to be honest one stands above all of us in terms of notoriety and traffic, if for no other reason than he's on ESPN.com: The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons."
He then proceeds to rip Simmons a new one, mainly for being a "pussy." Truth be told, Tucker makes a few good points in his rant. But none are better than this idea:

"If he put up his own site, charged 1 or 2$ a month for membership, set it up like mine where he could still make just about everything free but members get stuff early and some other things, he would clear 50,000 - 100,000 A MONTH on subscriptions alone. I would even pay 2$ a month for his 3-4 pieces a week, and I'm not sure if I like him. There is such a paucity of good content on the internet, he could make a bundle. None of this even considers ads, which would bring him another 20-50,000 a month. AND with own site, he wouldn't have to censor himself about ESPN. His writing would increase in quality by like 2 fold."
Now that's a damn good idea. I'd fork over a few bucks a month to read unedited TSG columns -- maybe even the NBA ones. I understand that Simmons used to have his own site (interesting side story) and abandoned it to join ESPN, but he got his readership bump from the ESPN stage already. Honestly, staying with them can only hurt. Why be associated with Stuart Scott and Chris Berman, AND have to tone done your stuff? It's an idea that sounds viable to me. Go out on your own, Bill!

BTW, Tucker Max has pictures up from his trip to the Cal-Stanford game. In this snapshot, I swear it looks like a Cal fan is giving a "Hook'Em Horns" sign. I wonder if he'll do that if and when we pass them in the BCS this Saturday?


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