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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Longhorns: All I Want For Christmas... 

...is a monetary miracle.

A piece in today's AA-S will no doubt hit close to home with many Texas fans, like myself, that are still trying to figure out the least expensive way to get to Pasadena.

I imagine that our search is akin to MLB general managers, who hope to find the "least expensive" route to signing prized free agent Carlos Beltran.

"At the Austin Ticket Co., manager Andrew Hentrich said he expected to sell all his tickets for $225 to $550 each. Internet scalpers were asking as much as $1,100 a seat.

UT supporters lucky enough to land tickets to the New Year's Day bowl game face an equal challenge finding transportation and hotel rooms.

By Monday afternoon, several airlines were sold out or close to it for reasonably priced tickets.

Southwest Airlines had a few seats left for Dec. 31 travelers from Austin to Burbank, Calif., but no return seats until Jan. 3.

On other airlines, roundtrips started at about $477 for people willing to spend nearly eight hours, including layovers, to get to California and to take a two-stop red-eye back Jan. 2, according to orbitz.com.

A less grueling schedule on American Airlines, with flights leaving both days in the afternoon, was a stiff $1,776."
Yep, that's been my life for the past 36 hours. Well, than and laughing at all of the Texas haters nationwide that are still pissed off about the Horns making it to the Rose Bowl.


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