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Monday, December 13, 2004

Football: Roy Williams Wouldn't Complain 

Yesterday's horrifying loss to New Orleans signaled the unofficial official end to the Dallas Cowboys' underwhelming 2004 season. At 5-8, they have virtually no chance to make the playoffs, even in the pathetic NFC.

They'll likely finish with too poor of a record to advance to the postseason, but with too good of a record to garner a prime draft spot. Thus, 2004 will prove to be a wasted year by any account.

Aside from Julius Jones' promising run of late, Cowboys fans have seen little this year that gives hope for the franchise's immediate future. Even the prospect of having Bill Parcells at the helm does little to inspire confidence that this team will contend in the near future.

So what's the answer? Scott Chaffin has an idea: hire Bob Stoops.

"Therefore, let me be the first to get out of the gate on this one: fire Parcells so he and Vinnie can have plenty of quality time together, and hire Mr. Bob Stoops. As much as it pains me to admit Okie superiority at anything short of double-wide landscaping, the Boomer Sooners have been untouchable for a half-decade. I want that kind of football mind at the helm of my beloved hometown gridironers. Give Stoops the same leeway that Parcells enjoys today, and I'm convinced that we're in the Super Bowl in 5 years or less.

Crazy? Sure -- but Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry, the greatest football coach in the history of football. If you can fire Cowboy Tom and bring in that fat-cheeked, nacho-eating, Heineken-drinking, boat-loving, Miami-living, hairspray-using, sooooie-pig Jimmy Johnson...well, Bob Stoops ain't no thing."
It's a helluvan idea, I admit. Stoops' mentor didn't fare so well in Washington, but maybe that was because the ol' ball coach didn't have his best assistant with him anymore.

Jerry Jones won a Super Bowl with one former OU coach, and at this point, it's not like there are too many Texas Longhorn fans left (save for myself and Matt) that still care enough about Dallas to be run off by yet another rival taking charge at Valley Ranch. Besides, getting Stoops out of Norman might just spark renewed interest in the Silver and Blue among Orangebloods.

You know, I think Chaffin has something here. Let's give the Tuna a pat on the back, a leather recliner and a year's supply of manziers, and get Reebok started on a whole new line of Blue Star visors.


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