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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas: Keep On Dreaming? 

It's never snowed in Austin on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. And as far as I know, it's never snowed in my hometown of Temple on those days, either. So when Central Texans sing "White Chistmas" during the Holidays, they aren't lying about it being a dream.

Might dreams come true this year? At least one weather model shows a possibility of that, according to an article in Sunday's AAS.

"On Wednesday, interpreting the possible atmospheric dynamics across the United States coming together in the week before Christmas, the computer predicted that all of Texas west of Interstate 35, as well as the part of the state south of Interstate 10, would be under a 3- to 6-inch blanket of snow and sleet, with noontime temperatures on Dec. 24 only in the 20s from Houston to San Antonio."
That model is now a week old, and normally I'd dismiss it as a fluke. But the model has repeated that forecast at least once, if not a few times, since then. It's still unlikely, but so was Texas' chances of going to the Rose Bowl up until the day it happened.

Here's hoping for a Christmas miracle. For what it's worth, the current eight-day forecast shows a chance of rain and 61/42 on Dec. 22, so I'm not getting the coal and carrot ready just yet.


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