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Monday, November 15, 2004

Sports: Monday Night in Big D 

I hate the Philadelphia Eagles.

I hated them when Buddy Ryan offered his defense bounties to take out Cowboys players. I hated them when they booed Michael Irvin after his career-ending neck injury on the asphault turf that lined Veterans Stadium. I hated them when Andy Reid tried a Mickey Mouse surprise onside kick to open last year's game in Dallas.

I hated Troy Vincent. I hated Duce Staley. I hated Rich Kotite and his goofy mesh hat that accentuated how horrible a coach he was. I hate Terrell Owens. I hate Jeremiah Trotter. I hate green and silver together. I hate everything about the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles can go to hell, which coincidentally, will freeze over before that suck-ass franchise ever wins anything of consequence. If the Cowboys don't win a single game the rest of the year, then I would be satisfied, so long as they kick Philly's ass tonight.

The Iggles have our number the past few years, but that's fine. Dallas has the number that matters: five. That's five world titles, you illiterate, Santa Claus-booing, battery-chunking Keystone State assclowns. Someday, when your team isn't busy choking in the NFC title game, you'll know what it's like to win your first.

F the Eagles. Go Cowboys.


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