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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Random: 'Chili' Weather This Weekend 

So yesterday I came across this post over at Alarming News about an NYC Chili Cook-Off.

A Chili Cook-Off? Hell yeah! In NYC? Um, huh?

Sugar, lamb, veggies? Are we talking chili? But since they all seem like nice folks, and Karol's blog is one of my two or three favorites, I'll hold off on the Texas arrogance. After all, we apparently have horrible taste in pizza down here, and I can live with that.

Anyway, despite the suspect ingredients, the post made me hungry. I haven't had a good bowl of chili in a looooooooong time. You just can't eat it, as good as it is, when the temperatures still hover near triple digits. So I went to check this weekend's weather, and look what I found: Friday, 55/37; Saturday 54/40; Sunday 56/44.

Sounds like chili weather to me. I'm probably too lazy to organize a cook-off, but with an 11 am Texas-Kansas kickoff on Saturday, maybe I'll have to get some started before the game and let it cook all day. Mmmmmmm... chili!


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