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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Politics: See What I Had to Put Up With? 

Next month will mark the five-year anniversary of my graduation from the University of Texas. I often look back at my time there and wish I still could roam the campus each day, still somewhat sheltered from the "real world."

Then I read crap like this, and I remember how happy I was to escape the daily beatdown that was my daily dealings with the outspoken uber-liberal minority on campus.

The following was adapted from www.mapquest.com:

Drive 136.6 miles north from central Austin on Interstate 35.

Merge onto I-35W via the exit on the left toward Ft. Worth. Drive another 86 miles.

I-35W becomes I-35. Drive another 314.3 miles. Some portions of this road are tolled.

Merge onto Interstate 135 via Exit 42 toward Interstate 70. Drive north another 96.1 miles. Some portions of the interstate are tolled.

Take U.S. Highway 81 north toward Concordia for .3 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 70 via Exit 95B toward Hays. Drive west another 410.9 miles.

Take the E-470 Tollway exit (Exit 289) toward Colorado Springs for one-tenth of a mile.

Turn right onto E-470 headed north. This road is a tollway. Drive north for 25.4 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 25 via Exit 47 toward Ft. Collins. Drive north for 80.5 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 80 westbound via Exit 8B. Drive westbound for 388.5 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 84 westbound via Exit 168. Drive west for 593.1 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 82 westbound via Exit 179 toward Umatilla. Drive for 142.6 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 90 toward Seattle via the exit on the left. Drive west for another 101.3 miles.

Take the Interstate 405 southbound exit (Exit 10) toward Renton and Bellevue. Drive south for .2 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 405 northbound toward Bellevue and Everett. Drive north for 18.8 miles.

Merge onto Interstate 5 northbound toward Vancouver, British Columbia. Drive north for 94.3 miles.

Interstate 5 becomes Provincial Route 99 as you cross the Canadian border. Drive north another 27.2 miles.

End at Vancouver, British Columbia.

What else can we say?
I have something to say: Hit the road, assholes!


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