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Monday, November 01, 2004

Politics: Life in a Battleground State 

This past weekend's trip to Colorado for the Texas-CU game marked my first-ever trip into a real Battleground State. Here in Texas we get the occasional political ad on TV, but with the Lone Star State solidly in the Red category, Texas usually misses out on the hardcore campaign elements.

That's not the case in Colorado. Though most polls show a slight lead for the President, Colorado is anything but a sure thing. And based on the activity I saw in Denver, the Kerry campaign recognizes that.

All weekend long I saw Kerry supporters man street corners, sporting their t-shirts and holding their signs. The roadways were lined with Kerry paraphenalia and until I saw a newspaper headline on the plane back yesterday that showed President Bush still ahead, I thought that the Dems might have snuck out an important swing state win.

All in all, I was very disappointed to see a lack of a Bush presence, while Kerry campaining ran amok. I hope that isn't the case nationwide, or it could be a very long night tomorrow for the Pachyderms.


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