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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Politics: Falwell at it Again 

There's no rest for the weary in politics. A week after President Bush's re-election, evangelical activist Jerry Falwell already has his sights set on four years from now, with the announcement of an "evangelical revolution."

Falwell, a religious broadcaster based in Lynchburg, Va., said the Faith and Values Coalition will be a "21st century resurrection of the Moral Majority," the organization he founded in 1979.

Falwell said he would serve as the coalition's national chairman for four years.

He added that the new group's mission would be to lobby for anti-abortion conservatives to fill openings on the Supreme Court and lower courts, a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and the election of another "George Bush (news - web sites)-type" conservative in 2008.
As someone who doesn't stand too far from Falwell on the political spectrum, I think this is a horrible idea. Except for the part about getting another Bush-like conservative elected in 2008, Falwell misses the mark.

This country has never dealt well with having things pushed on them. Remember Prohibition? That certainly prevented the evils of alcohol from infecting society, didn't it? Falwell's attempt to impose his values on the rest of the nation, in my opinion, can only hurt the efforts of those who are trying to really help change the direction of morality in our country at the grassroots level.

The Faith and Values Coalition stands zero chance of affecting change in society, if their means of doing so depends on frivolously amending the constitution and packing our courts with anti-abortionists. And with a polarizing figure like Falwell manning the helm, the group instantly hinders their credibility among many of the middle-of-the-road folks that they'll likely depend on for support.

Someday I hope that my fellow believers might try a new approach. If they don't, and America descends into a Godless state, then people like Falwell should be held largely responsible.


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