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Friday, November 12, 2004

Politics: Delusional Dems 

Last night I hung out with a friend of mine, an ardent Democrat, who probably opposes the GOP as much as she actually supports her own chosen party. We usually don't discuss politics, because we disagree so frequently. But the barbs inevitably come out.

We were at her friend's volleyball game, and she noted that her friend's team had fewer players than their opponent. I remarked, "Just because you have more numbers doesn't mean you don't still suck." She replies, "yeah, like Bush." Ouch.

Later she saw that one of the players was constantly out of position, making bad plays. "That guy is horrible," she said. "He keeps going back and forth." My reply: "Yeah, kinda like Kerry." Needless to say she didn't see the humor.

That got us started down the political road. Before long she was touting Hillary as the next President, and I told her that I wasn't sure Hillary had enough mainstream support to be a viable candidate. "But who would have thought four years ago that John Kerry was a viable candidate?"

"He wasn't," I told her. "He wasn't even a viable candidate four weeks ago."

"He was good enough to get 48 percent of the vote against Bush."

I couldn't believe my ears. A losing margin makes one a good candidate?

Here's my question to Democrats: what does it say about your party, and the weak field of candidates that you produced, that President Bush -- who is literally hated by probably half of your fellow liberals -- not only won re-election, he did it fairly comfortably? The President won every state that he won four years ago and more, and in the process, he increased the percentage of the vote that he won four years ago in all 50 states. So despite the vitriol that this man has recieved from your camp for four long years, he still overcame it all to clinch a second term.

Between George Soros' millions, MoveOn.Org's blistering attack ads, consistently feeble approval ratings and a host of other obstacles, the President remained the President. Democrats shouldn't revel in the fact that Kerry won 48 percent of the vote. They should mourn the reality that comes from two consecutive failed should-have-been-slam-dunk wins.


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