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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Longhorns: Utah Fans are Funny 

So Texas is going to yet again find themselve playing in a sub-tier Bowl this season, despite finishing high enough in the rankings (that's assuming a win on Friday over Texas A&M) to qualify for the BCS.

That's okay. The Horns didn't take care of business against Oklahoma, so it's difficult to complain too much. But the over-exuberance coming from the Utah crowd is bordering on ridiculous.

The Longhorns have barely squeeked by a couple of mediocre teams, while the Utes have dominated everyone they've played.

I can't understand how Texas can get all of those 5-star recruits yet have such mediocre performance year after year after year. I bet A&M crushes you.

I've been to your campus and football stadium in Austin. I was surprised and was expecting so much more from a "BIG-TIME" program. Your staduim is a hunk of junk compared to Rice Eccles Stadium in SLC.

You don't deserve a BCS bid, if you do, I would love to see the Utes take it to the Longhorns in the Orange Bowl.
Now who has Utah played? A quick glance at their schedule shows Texas A&M and North Carolina as the only decent opponents, and NC just barely qualified for a bowl. And the only teams we "squeaked by" were Arkansas and Kansas. The Razorbacks treated that game as their Super Bowl, while the Jayhawks had the luxury of catching a flat Texas team a week after a thrilling comeback against Oklahoma State, and two weeks before the season finale with A&M. Besides, Texas did win both games, so who really cares? USC, Oklahoma and Auburn have all "squeaked by" some suspect opponents, so do the Utes think they can claim superiority over those teams as well?

Utah needs to be happy that they're in the BCS. Then they need to shut up. They're a second-rate team from a third-rate conference. If they really deserved to be in the BCS -- for a reason other than a pity selection garnered from excessive whining on the part of all the small-timers the past few seasons -- then they'd play in a real conference. The truth is that they need to hope that they can play a Boston College or Virginia Tech, because should they find themselves matched up against a pissed off, spurned Oklahoma or Auburn, they're going to get the ass-kicking that they so richly deserve.

Urban Meyer is a solid coach and Alex Smith has talent and moxie, but you put the Utes in the SEC or the Big XII and they're happy to end up in San Antonio or Shreveport. They simply don't have the horses to run with the big boys.

Utah wants to compare themselves to Texas? They do realize that the Horns play in the toughest division in one of college football's premier conferences, right? Yes, the Horns lost to Oklahoma. So have nine other teams. They also beat a good Oklahoma State team, a Texas Tech team that would probably run the table in the Mountain West, and don't forget the upcoming Lone Star Showdown with A&M. If you're counting, the Horns will end up playing five opponents that were ranked at one time. Utah? One.

These small conference teams don't know what it's like to play in a power conference, much less what it's like to wear a target on your back each week. Teams like Texas and Oklahoma are every opponents' big game. Hell, in 1997, three seperate opponents tore their goalposts down after beating a Texas team that finished 4-7. Utah ripped theirs down after clinching a conference title against a sub-.500 BYU squad. Does that sound like the M.O. of a big-time college football program?

One sign in the crowd at last night's Utah-BYU game said "Texas: Our FIESTA starts tonight." Does it? Celebrate while you can, boys. We've been there before, and we'll be back. In the meantime we'll go play another real team -- LSU or Georgia -- in the Cotton Bowl, content with the knowledge that ten wins and chance to host ESPN Gameday is a just a typical season, and not a flash-in-the-pan, once-in-a-lifetime fluke. Now go get your ass kicked in the Fiesta Bowl and fade back into mediocrity.


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