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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Longhorns: Hell Freezes Over 

Noted Texas critic Trev Alberts opines:

I'm not on the [Utah] bandwagon! Never have been! All along I've said just because they go undefeated doesn't mean they deserve to be above a 1-loss BCS conf. team. If they played Texas 10 times they would lose 10 times. But I congratulate them and I hope they have a chance to play a good team. I hope they can play a big time team and see how they stack up.
(Emphasis is mine).

Someone check CNN; Perhaps Ted Kennedy has come out in favor of the President. Okay, this isn't a shock on that level, but Alberts has never been one to cut Texas, and particularly Mack Brown, any slack. While he has lightened up some this season, the former Cornhusker has riled Texas fans for years with often vitriolic commentary. For him to say that now surprises me, and it should serve to quiet some of the cockiness coming from the Great Salt Lake.

Of course it won't.


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