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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Night Ramblings 

Electoral Count Thus Far:

6:26 PM
Bush 34
Kerry 3

Virginia is a bit of a concern right now. It is too close to call. This is a state Bush carried by 8 points in 2000 and is expected to win tonight.

6:40 PM

Bush 39
Kerry 3

Bush picks up West Virginia. No surprise there.

7:11 PM

Bush 74
Kerry 77

Still no shockers. Obama wins in Illinois. He's one to watch in 2008 or '12.

7:35 PM

Bush 102
Kerry 77

With 29% reporting in Florida, President Bush enjoys a 10% lead. He picks up Virginia. Interesting enough CBS has Bush with 108. The Cowboys Stadium leads 53% to 47% with just early votes having been counted.

8:36 PM

Bush 171
Kerry 112

Exit polling data is apparently turning out wrong, as the pundits are throwing them away in favor of the real results. No state has changed color from what it was 4 years ago thus far. It's still looking like win 2 out of the 3 of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania and this election is W's. Ohio and Florida both are having absentee votes issues.

9:14 PM

Bush 193
Kerry 112

Bush leads the popular vote by about 5% at the moment. Florida should be close to being called, as President Bush holds a 5% lead (and has for quite some time) with 77% of the precincts in. You have to wonder if it will tighten up at the end like it did in 2000, though. He also holds about the same lead in Ohio with 20% in.

10:18 PM

Bush 210
Kerry 199

The electoral count is all over the map. CBS has Bush with 219, while Fox has Kerry with 144 (they are still thinking Bush can win California?). No state has yet changed color. Bush is close to claiming Florida even with the absentee voting issues. He's in fine shape.

10:54 PM

Bush 237
Kerry 199

ABC and CBS have called Florida for Bush. Kinda ironic that the two most left-leaning networks would call it before the others. Win Ohio and one or two other states and it's over.

11:40 PM

Bush 266
Kerry 211

FoxNews calls Ohio for Bush. The democratic counties started coming in and not making a dent in the overall percentage. All Bush has to do is win Alaska (currently leading 60-37) and another state and it's OVER.

12:01 AM

Bush 269
Kerry 211

FoxNews and MSNBC give Alaska to Bush. It's over. He's secured at least a tie, which will go to him with a vote by the House anyhow. Congrats, W! Now go make a victory speech and piss Kerry off! Just to be safe, New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa and Wisconsin are still very much in reach.


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