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Friday, October 22, 2004

Sports: NFL Week Seven Predictions 

Fast and furious...

2004 thus far: 38-22 SU, 33-26-1 ATS

(1-4) Buffalo at (3-2) Baltimore [-5.5]: As long as there's no snow to distract Jamal Lewis, B-More should easily dispose of the Bills.
Ravens 23, Bills 12
ATS- Baltimore

(3-2) Detroit at (4-1) NY Giants [-6.5]: I refuse to believe that this NY team is for real. Believeing that about the Giants takes less of a leap of faith.
Giants 26, Lions 20
ATS- NY Giants

(5-0) Philadephia [-7] at (3-3) Clevelend: The Eagles are on the road, primed for a letdown game, right? Not against Clevelend.
Eagles 31, Browns 16
ATS- Philadephia

(4-2) Jacksonville at (4-1) Indianapolis [-9]: The Jags continue to get no respect. Then again, Peyton Manning will no doubt show little respect when he carves up their D like a butterball.
Colts 32, Jaguars 24
ATS- Jacksonville

(2-4) Tennessee at (4-1) Minnesota [-6.5]: Didn't Drew Brees firebomb the Titans two weeks ago? Randy Moss can sit this one out, Coach Tice.
Vikings 27, Titans 20
ATS- Minnesota

(4-2) St. Louis [-6] at (0-6) Miami: The streak isn't going to end this week, because that Rams offense is rolling right now.
Rams 26, Dolphins 12
ATS- St. Louis

(5-1) Atlanta at (1-4) Kansas City [-3.5]: How many games do the Chiefs have to lose before oddsmakers stop favoring them each week?
Chiefs 23, Falcons 21
ATS- Atlanta

(5-0) NY Jets at (5-0) New England [-6]: Some week soon I'm going to get the nerve to pick against the Pats. But not this week.
Patriots 27, Jets 20
ATS- New England

(2-3) Dallas at (2-4) Green Bay (-3.5): The only thing better, for a Dallas fan, than beating Washington and San Fran is silencing the cheeseheads.
Cowboys 20, Packers 17
ATS- Dallas

(2-4) New Orleans at (2-4) Oakland [-3]: At least we won't have to hear any more about the charade that was throwing Jerry Rice BS passes during garbage time.
Raiders 22, Saints 16
ATS- Oakland


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