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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sports: NFL Week Eight Predictions 

For the season: 43-27 SU, 36-32-2 ATS

(3-4) Green Bay [-2] at (2-4) Washington: Brett Favre looks like he's starting to get the magic touch again. Bad news for the Skins.
Packers 26, Redskins 22
ATS- Green Bay

(4-2) Baltimore at (6-0) Philadelphia [-7.5]: The friendly confines of Lincoln Financial should the road jitters that almost cost Philly last week.
Eagles 27, Ravens 17
ATS- Philadelphia

(4-2) NY Giants at (5-1) Minnesota [-6.5]: Kurt Warner's soul missed a payment last week. The Devil collects on Halloween.
Vikings 34, Giants 20
ATS- Minnesota

(4-2) Indianapolis [-1] at (2-4) Kansas City: The Colts blew home-field advantage last week; KC fights for their playoff lives.
Colts 27, Chiefs 24
ATS- Indianapolis

(4-2) Detroit at (2-4) Dallas [-3]: REVERSE JINX ALERT! I'll take Detroit's 80% Roy Williams & Co. over Dallas' 100% Roy Williams & Co.
Lions 31, Cowboys 23
ATS- Detroit

(5-4) Jacksonville at (3-3) Houston [-1]: Start dreaming big in another sport, H-Town, and I don't mean the NBA, which opens next week.
Texans 23, Jaguars 21
ATS- Houston

(5-2) Atlanta at (5-2) Denver [-6.5]: Which Bronco midget is going to run laps around the shell-shocked Dirty Birds defense?
Broncos 28, Falcons 20
ATS- Denver

(6-0) New England [-3] at (5-1) Pittsburgh: The Pats keep facing -- and beating -- good teams each week. Yep, they're pretty good themselves.
Patriots 26, Steelers 21
ATS- New England

(1-5) San Francisco at (1-5) Chicago [-1.5]: Remember the days when this could have been an NFC Championship contest?
49ers 20, Bears 17
ATS- San Francisco

(1-6) Miami at (5-1) NY Jets [-6.5]: Seems like a trap game, but the Jets are for real. The Dolphins aren't nearly as good as they looked last week.
Jets 27, Dolphins 13
ATS- NY Jets


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