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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Random: Monday Night Poker 

Tonight I finally snapped a long futility streak in poker, winning one tournament and finishing second in another. We only had seven people in each, but it still felt good to win, considering my last few outings all resulted in early exits.

I won't bore anyone with too many long-winded resets of hands after hands, but two memorable ones come to mind, both from when I came in second.

With the next-to-smallest stack, I drew Ah-Jh, and after betting in $30, the guy with the smallest stack quickly went all in. I called. We flipped and he had A-3 unsuited. I forget the exact flop, but it didnt't appear to help anyone, though it gave me two hearts for a flush draw. The turn didn't help, so it meant he needed a 3 to win.

He got a 3 on the river. A 3h. I didn't notice it at first, because I was shocked to see the 3 come up. Then wel all noticed my flush. He had the nerve to say I was lucky, even though he needed a low card on the river to stay alive.

The finale came down to my friend Porter and I, just as the first game had. With the chip count about 60/40 in his favor, I was dealt JJ. I raised $50 and he came back with a $50 re-raise. SO I said "screw it" and went all-in. We turn'em up and he has A-K. The flop didn't help either of us, but he got an A on the river to seal it.

Not a bad night. I left with more than twice the amount I brought. I'm hoping it's an omen for the rest of the week.


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