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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Politics: Wictory Wednesday! 

I received an e-mail on Monday from the Bush campaign (I get at least one or two a day, everyday) that made a worthwhile point:

Supporters should use the momentum to recruit two new George W. Bush supporters between now and Election Day. In the next two weeks, let's each try to get two new people to vote for the President who we haven't touched yet -- two in two!
Early voting has already started in most states and many of my friends have either cast their ballots already or intend to do so in the next few days. Two people may not seem like a lot, but if enough GWB supporters reach out and get two additional voters to the polls, it can make the difference in some states. Don't forget, too, that it's important to gain a mandate this time, which no president has had since George H.W. Bush garnered in 1988.

"Get out the vote" drives could likely determine the winner of this election. We can all do our part to help ensure that the President stays in the WHite House for four more years. Two people -- that's all it takes.


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