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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Politics: Why I Support President Bush 

In lieu of a "Wictory Wednesday" post, I thought I'd use this final Wednesday of the campaign to briefly articulate the reasons why I will cast my vote for President George W. Bush on Tuesday.

September 11

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the entire country united behind the President. Save for a few ultra-radical loonies, we all stood together with George W. Bush in a patriotic embrace unlike anything else I have seen in my 27 years on this planet. President Bush gave us strong leadership in our nation's darkest hour. He never flinched or allowed his emotions to lead us into any hasty military reaction. Instead he provided strentgh and warmth to a nation that desperately needed it.

The War on Terror

Maybe it's not a "winnable" war, but with George Bush in the White House, I know that America will never give in to those who wish us destroyed. We did not start this war, and it may be a long before we finish it, but I am confident in President Bush's ability to lead us in this endeavor. It is worth mentioning, I believe, that since 9/11, we have not see another major terrorist strike on American soil.


Many disagree, and I respect their opinion, but I feel that the Iraqi War was warranted and the right thing to do. Our nation played peek-a-boo with Saddam Hussein for far too long, and based on the intelligence reports of the time, President Bush acted in the manner I would expect from any Commander-in-Chief. When America is threatened, it's not our nation's job to appeal to the U.N., or gain permission from so-called allies from the Old Country. It's our job to act. It's also in our best long-term interests to spread the torch of freedom whenever possible.


President Bush has never wavered in his support for our most important ally. We must continue to support and stand by Israel, as they face the constant threat of annihilation in the world's most volatile region.


President Bush consistently displays courage of his convictions. Even when I disagree with him, I know that he believes in the stances that he takes. That's worthy of respect. I also know that his beliefs are guided by his faith in God, and while that bothers some people, I think it reflects the kind of faith on which our nation was built. From the founding fathers to Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan, our nation's greatest leaders all placed their trust in the Almighty, and I believe that is one reason that America has prospered for more than two centuries.

Domestic Policy

Though I do take exception with some of the spending programs that the President has proposed, I support his views regarding issues such as taxes, education reform (namely vouchers), privatization of Social Security, and the right to life.

George W. Bush has served our nation well for four years. It has not been an easy time for our country, but I thank God that he provided us with someone that has put America first and helped to keep us strong. No leader is perfect, and I'm sure President Bush would be the first to tell you that there is much work left to be done. That is why I will cast my ballot in his favor, because I believe that another four years of the President's leadership is exactly what this nation needs.


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