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Monday, October 04, 2004

Longhorns: It's Started Already 

[sarcasm] Never heard this before: [/sarcasm]

As for OU, the fact that the Sooners are to the Longhorns what the New York Yankees are to Pedro Martinez, might force OU to hit a ceiling in terms of its ability to impress (after all, beatdowns of Texas are so commonplace, what would one more do to open one’s eyes in wonderment?). At any rate, another 30-point win over a top-5 team would be impossible to ignore.
Beatdowns of Texas are not "commonplace." Yes, two of OU's four straight against us were in runaway fashion. But I keep reading that they've blown us out three times in four years. How is 35-24 a blowout? We led in the fourth quarter.

I can't defend Texas' lack of success the past four years, and I won't try. But this paragraph is among the most absurd things I've ever read on that site, and that's saying a lot. OU will not beat us by 30 points this year. It won't happen. If they somehow do, then you better believe that it would be "impossible to ignore."

The national media has already given this week's game to OU. Good. I like seeing the talking heads prop the Sooners and spout off all the reasons that Texas can't win. It'll make winning that much sweeter.

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