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Friday, October 22, 2004

Blog: Moving On... 

With no more Astros games to blog, I suppose I'll be shifting back toward more politics (and pop culture, of course) in the coming months.

It feels weird knowing that this wonderful baseball season has finally ended. It's disappointing, but in a sense, liberating. There's always the Hot Stove League, so this place won't be fully devoid of Astros updates over the winter, but the majority of content won't focus on baseball for a while.

Oh yes, and I have an announcement...

I'm embarking on a new blogging venture (adventure, perhaps?) here in the next week or so that I think will be both fun and rewarding. No specifics yet, but I'll post more about this development at the appropriate time.

The LM Blog will keep going, though, so nothing should change around here.


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