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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Astros: NLCS Game Two 

So I was sure we'd get rained out tonight and I went to happy hour. After beer number four, someone comes up and says Biggio is batting (I had been checking every 5-10 minutes on my phone to see if it had started, so I must have just missed it) and I sprinted to a TV in time to see Carlos go deep.

My dream scenario is still that it starts pouring before the end of the 5th and they have to postpone until tomorrow, when Clemens can finish off Game Two. That;'s not going to happen of course, but oh well. 2-0 Astros in thr 4th. Let's just win this tonight.

4-4 Mid 7th

I'm hyperventilating with every pitch, and with Morgan Ensberg's clutch RBI single, I'm not sure whether to be happy or just relieved. Still, I find myself damn near tearing up during the 7th inning stretch rendition of "God Bless America." What a game. What a series. What a country.

St. Louis 6-4

The Stros battled, but what can you say? Dan Miceli couldn't get the key outs until he had already ceded two bombs. Houston failed to get men home when they had runners in scoring position.

We're down 2-0. I think we probably all expected this to be the case (or at least likely). We just need to take two in Houston to have a chance. Hell, this sucks, but it's not panic time just yet. I'd offer more "analysis," but I'm drunk, tired and depressed. This game can really suck sometimes.


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