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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Astros: Destiny? 

Now that I've had a good twelve hours to calm down from the hysterics that marked my last few waking hours Monday night, I think I can more rationally discuss Game Five.

Craig Biggio is fond of using the phrase "that's baseball" to explain this game's unexplainable. When they team couldn't win more than a few games in a row in June, we heard, "that's baseball." When they couldn't scratch together three runs a game in July, we heard, "that's baseball." Now when two unheralded starters hold the most potent offenses in the league to zero runs for 52 outs, does anyone really want to try and say anything other than, "that's baseball"?

I honestly think that trying to dissect Game Five would cheapen it. So I'll make just a few comments and let it go:

- Brad Lidge v. Albert Pujols: their best against our best. I think it's a match-up that these two titans probably spilt on a long enough timeline, but "Mr. Lights Out" has had Pujols' number thus far. Still, I worried when the FOX cameras closed in on Pujols' face before that last strike. That sonofabitch has the Eye of the Tiger, and he scares me right now just as much as Barry Bonds ever has.

- When Jeff Kent crossed the plate, he stuck up a finger and clearly said, "one more game." This team knows they have work to do yet.

- Game Five will go down as the greatest game I've ever seen. Jack Morris outdueling John Smoltz in Game Seven of the 1991 World Series was the previous top spot-holder, but I'll take my team winning with a blast off the stadium facade over the Twins winning with a single.

- Carlos Beltran is more than a bat. Is there anything this man cannot do?


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