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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Astros: Destiny Redux? 

From ESPN's Daily Quickie.

So cliche, yet so perfect:

Roger Clemens ...

Starting for Houston ...

In World Series Game 7 ...

At Fenway.
Senior year of college, I had a Public Relations Campaigns course, in which our only assignment was to work on a PR campaign all semester and treat it like we were actual agency employees reporting to a client. On the first day of class, our prof came around and gave us all a slip of paper; it showed a cartoon of a cart leading a horse. We were to turn that in at the semester's end, after writing what we learned on the back.

For some reason I read this ESPN blurb and it reminds me of that slip of paper. I got an 'A' in that class, partly because I didn't "put the cart before the horse." I'm not starting with tonight's Game Seven, either.

Would The Rocket starting Game Seven at Fenway be perfect? Maybe. But he's starting Game Seven at Busch right now, and while I realize that ESPN's job is to hype -- and over-hype -- "dream scenarios," I think I can safely speak for the Astros Nation that we're focused on the here and now.


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