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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Astros: Deficits and History 

Flynn at Redbird Nation -- quite possibly the best baseball blog out there, I would say -- lists the teams in the past 25 years that erased 3-2 postseason deficits en route to series wins.

The team up 3-2 has won 19 of them and the "down" team has won 17. I would have never guessed it was so even. When it comes to Game 7s, however, the scale tips heavily in one direction. Amazingly, the team that won Game 6, and forced the deciding game, has won 14 of those Game 7s. (That’s 82%, Einstein.) Win today, Cardinals, and history is very much on your side.
Something tells me that we would have never seen this post had St. Louis won on Monday night. I don't mind Cards' fans looking for reasons to be optimistic; in fact, it's kind of amusing to see that happen. "History is on out side." I would have thought merely having the best team in baseball would be enough.


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