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Monday, September 27, 2004

Television: Giddyup! 

As George Costanza might say, "I'm back, baby!"

Well, not all the way back, but for all of us Seinfeld fanatics out there, we'll get something of a fix this Thanksgiving. Jerry and the gang will reunite on NBC "for a special Thanksgiving Day retrospective on the smash hit "show about nothing," the network said Thursday."

Like millions out there, I still watch Seinfeld regularly on the syndicated re-runs. Between TBS and the local Fox affiliate, the show airs up to four times each day here in Austin, and I'm sure we're not the only market that gets a daily overdose of the best show ever.

Now I'll have something else to look forward to Thanksgiving weekend, besides the Cowboys and the pre-Texas A&M tailgate.

Related Seinfeld Grateness: No more than twelve hours before I read about the Thanksgiving special, I had the opportunity to see my all-time favorite episode: "The Betrayal," better known as "the backwards episode." Elaine takes the gang to India for Sue Ellen Mishkie's wedding, but the show starts at the end and proceeds in reverse, using captions to tell when each scene takes place.

I know the episode turned some fans off, but I thought it was genius.


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