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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Sports: The Week That Will Be (9/11) 

Last Week: 3-2 ATS 5-0 SU
For the Year: 3-3 ATS 6-0 SU

It's a bit weird still writing "9/11" and preparing to write a humor column. I'm watching "The 9/11 Commission Report" on the History Channel while writing this. I definitely recommend it. Good stuff.

I remember going to that UNC game a couple of years ago, being taken by the Cole Pittman tribute and the kneeling to keep the score at 44, watching Cory Redding catapult the UNC quarterback....little did we know what awaited us three days later.

It is a day I shall never forget, nor do I wish to ever forget it.


I promise to get into more at-depth columns later in the year, but due to the amount of alcohol and the little amount of sleep that I've gotten this week, a random thoughts column will have to work this week...

--Did anyone even come close to predicting what happened at DKR on Saturday? I think even the most optimistic predictions had us winning by 35 or so. Anytime you run for 500 yards, hold your opponent to 4 first downs, 130 yards total and let them cross the 50 once, you are doing a great job, no matter the opponent.

--It's always a bit sad when the first game of the year is over. Such a buildup for however many months and now we have to wait 2 more weeks for another home game.

--Attention Oregon State and Northwestern students: Practice field-goal kicking and walk-on. Your chances are good.

--I'm sorry...how old is ESPN again? I don't think I've seen one single promo for it?

--Random Hot Dallas Chick:

--Is the zone read play dead? It has lost it's effectiveness in the past few ballgames (at least as far as VY is concerned).

--If college football wants to keep up this stupid ass BCS crap and not have a playoff, then college coaches have every right to run up the score. What is going to look better to some East Coast writer who decided to go eat at his favorite Italian restaurant than watch Texas Tech/SMU...20-13, 27-13 or 34-13?

--October 14th on ESPN2: Denton Ryan v. Southlake Carroll....Carroll QB Chase Daniel, a Missouri recruit, is one to watch.

--This week I am reminded of the disgusting pig head that Bob & crew hoisted up at last year's tailgate. The thing was still bleeding as anyone that got close to standing underneath it found out.

--The newest Real World installment features a nice twist....two gay guys. One the stereotypical flamboyant gay guy and the other a black guy who looks and acts nothing like he's gay. The train wreck potential is immense.

--So I needed a new gameday shirt the other day, so I head to the Co-Op before heading over to the tailgate.

Graduate school never sounded (or looked) so good. Hot early 20s chicks parading around in short shorts. God Bless America.

--I-35 between Temple and Hillsboro has to be one of the biggest traffic ass-whips in the world.

--There is something terribly wrong if the Seattle Seahawks do not win the NFC's homefield advantage.

--What the hell is so great about a cuddle party?

--You have to win one game...who do you take as quarterback....between Tim Couch, Akili Smith and Cade McKnown?

--U.S. soldiers in Iraq say 1000 death mark is meaningless

--Is it even possible to put a number on the amount of money the alumni center makes at halftime? $4 a beer, hundreds if not a thousand people crammed into that building, each drinking 2 beers a piece, and mixed drinks, etc.

Okay, enough rambling....on to the games...

Colorado State @ USC (-24.5):

USC looked very average during their season opening win against Virginia Tech. They still have a ways to go on offense, as their line needs some work and their receivers haven't worked enough as of yet.

Colorado State always has a scrappy side to them, I think they keep this one close....barely.

Nope. Changed my mind.

USC 45 Colorado State 17

Michigan (-13.5) @ Notre Dame:

This one looks like a lock. Michigan won in convincing fashion over a decent enough Miami of Ohio team last week, while Notre Dame looked much like last season's Irish as they lost at BYU. And last year's Irish got stomped by 30+ points in Ann Arbor.

I don't think Notre Dame is as bad as they appear to be, but surely you can't get what, 11 yards rushing against BYU and expect to beat Michigan?

And that's just on one side of the ball?

Michigan 34 Notre Dame 13
ATS - Michigan
SU - Michigan

Texas Tech (-4) @ New Mexico:

Texas Tech games can be the most explosive in the country, and that is just the postgame.

Washington State was able to pass last week, and they don't have the air game that the Red Raiders feature.

Easy win.

Almost Houston/Rice caliber.

Texas Tech 48 New Mexico 30
ATS - Texas Tech
SU - Texas Tech

Fresno State @ Kansas State (-13.5):

Fresno State pulled off a solid win by dominating Washington last week while Kansas State needed a late touchdown to pull away from Western Kentucky.

I'm not convinced that Dylan Meier is any good, and both teams have good enough defenses to keep it closer than the spread.

Kansas State 31 Fresno State 23
ATS - Fresno State
SU - Kansas State

Houston @ Oklahoma (-35.5):

Man I hate spreads that big.

I thought Houston took a step forward last season, but they took a step back with a humiliating season opening loss to Rice where they didn't score until the game's closing seconds.

OU played well but not great against a solid Bowling Green club.

If Houston could only manage that against Rice, then they might as well be facing the Baltimore Ravens.

Oklahoma 52 Houston 10
ATS - Oklahoma
SU - Oklahoma

Texas (-11) @ Arkansas:

Vince Young didn't play last year.

Texas 38 Arkansas 17
ATS - Texas
SU - Texas

For entertainment purposes only. So entertaining expect a Joey-like spinoff next Fall...The Week.


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