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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sports: NFL Week Three 

See, I knew I wasn't as bad a prognosticator as last week suggested. My record in Week Three:

7-3 ATS
7-3 SU

That brings me back to respectable figures on the season:

15-15 ATS
17-13 SU

My Week Three thoughts:

- Before you Cowboy haters start in with the "lucky" comments, keep in mind that Dallas played almost the whole game with their backup CB. Pete Hunter isn't the second coming of Neon Dieon, but there is a reason that he won the job over Jacquez Reese. Reese's inability to cover down the field let the Skins get back into that game.

- That said, huge win for the 'Boys in a hostile environment. A friend remarked after the game that I should "enjoy the Vinny train while it lasts." More than half the league has QB issues, so if Testaverde slumps later this season, that doesn't necessarily doom Dallas' playoff hopes.

- Two teams with no QB issues: Indy and Green Bay. Wow. Why is there even any talk of Brett Favre retiring? I think he could roll off of his deathbed and run that offense. As good as Favre was, though, Peyton Manning played even better. If the Colts can somehow keep from having to travel to Foxboro, then I don't see anyone knocking them off come January.

- Are the Chiefs really 0-3 bad? They seem to find ways to give away games. Domanick Davis did squat against their porous defense and the Texans still found a way to win. Greg Robinson has to feel relieved that he's in Austin and not Kansas City.

- The rest of the NFL now knows why Texas fans referred to Roy Williams as "The Legend."

- Before the season my friends scoffed when I said that Miami might not win five games. I'm starting to think I overrated them.

- Jacksonville might be the ugliest 3-0 team in NFL history. Kudos to Jack Del Rio, however, for finding ways to win tight ballgames. The Jags are the anti-Chiefs.

- If Jacksonville's the ugliest, Seattle is the quietest 3-0 team. They're outscoring opponents 65-13 so far, but they're not as glitzy as Indy, nor as gritty as New England, so they don't get as much attention. I know a lot of people picked Seattle to win the NFC, but I think that has as much to do with no other contender emerging, save for Philly, and they're victims of that whole "fool my three times..." argument. The Seahawks look like they're on their way to twelve or thirteen wins.

- Chris Brown, Thomas Jones and Curtis Martin... I know it's only three weeks, but who expected these three guys to be among the NFL's top rushers?

- I think that there's a decent enough chance now that every NFC East team wins at least seven games. The Giants don't look as bad as I thought they'd look. Any bets on who falls off first: Vinny T or Kurt Warner?


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