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Friday, September 17, 2004

Sports: More NFL Week Two Picks 

A friend of a friend is running a Confidence Pool, which I entered. The past few years I've organized a weekly Pick'em contest at work, but it's just too much of a hassle to continue doing. I'm glad I can just sit back and lose my five bucks each with, without having to remind people to make their picks, or pay their money.

Confidence pools are a little different from regular Pick'ems. You pick all of the games, of course, ranking them from 16 to 1, in order of your, er, confidence in each prediction.

My Week Two picks are as follows:

16: Green Bay over Chicago
15: New Engalnd over Arizona
14: Washington over NY Giants
13: Kansas City over Carolina
12: Buffalo over Oakland
11: Cincinnatti over Miami
10: St. Louis over Atlanta
9: Baltimore over Pittsburgh
8: New Orleans over San Francisco
7: Seattle over Tampa Bay
6: Dallas over Cleveland
5: NY Jets over San Diego
4: Houston over Detroit
3: Jacksonville over Denver
2: Tennessee over Indianapolis
1: Minnesota over Philadelphia


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