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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Politics: Wictory Wednesday! 

The RNC has come and gone, and while it's too late to donate to President Bush, it's not too late to help out any of a number of competitive Senate campaigns (or to volunteer with the B/C'04 Campaign).

Here are a few key races that will ultimately determine the Senate's composition come January:

- John Thune (R-SD), running against Minority Leader Tom Daschle. This could strike a huge blow to the Democratic leadership.

- Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), facing competition for Democrat Tony Knowles. Murkowski has served the past two years in the seat vacated by her father.

- Mel Martinez (R-FL), facing Democrat Betty Castor. Martinez has served as HUD Director in the Bush Administration. You may have seen him speak at the RNC.

- Richard Burr (R-NC), facing Democrat Erskine Bowles, who narrowly lost to Elizabeth Dole several years ago. This race offers a chance to pick up John Edwards' seat.

- Pete Coors (R-CO), facing Colorado's Democratic AG Ken Salazar. Coors vies for outgoing Republican Ben Nighthorse Campbell's seat.

- Tom Coburn (R-OK), running against Democrat Brad Carson. Coburn is trying to maintain the GOP stronghold, upon Republican Don Nickles' retirement.

There are a few other competitive races, but these offer some of the GOP's best chances at winning. If you'd like to help fund these campaigns, then I urge you to check out their websites. And if you have friends in these states, then make sure they know how critical it is to rally support in these races. President Bush looks like he's in good shape to win re-election, and if he does, we'll need to maintain a Sentae majority for him to push his agenda through Congress. If John Kerry were to eke out a win, than keeping GOP control in the Senate would be critical.


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