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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Politics: The First Debate 

Work precluded me from writing a presidential debate preview today, and truthfully, I'm not all that interested in watching it. But the Astros have an off-night, so I figure I'll tune in.

No live blogging for me. Stephen Green has you covered much better than I could.

I'm assuming that afterwards I'll have a few thoughts.

First thought: Where does Kerry stand on Iraq this week? My friend Robert just called to ask me, so that he could track any flip-flops. I think he's currently anti-Iraqi War. We'll see.

The aftermath

Antiseptic... mostly boring... much more style than substance...

It looked to me like two soccer teams playing to a 0-0 tie instead of trying to go for the goal. Maybe give a slight edge to the President. But I'm a Republican, so go figure.

Fellow Austinite (I think) The Swanky Conservative was live-blogging as well. He has a boatload of good content. My favorite line describes Sen. Kerry:

But he didn’t say what the F the plan was. I’m tired of him. Hold the elections now because I’m tired of this pessimistic know-it-all who can’t make up his mind where he stands on an issue.


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