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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Longhorns: North Texas Fans Are Funny 

My buddy Kevin found this bit of absurdity.

Texas is in for a rude dude awakening this next Saturday. They'll think twice about dissing the Mean Green when the final gun goes off. Mack Brown will look like he's broken out in hives, he'll be so red in the face. His $3,500,000 salary will look very funny when he's out-coached by a $300,000 NT Coach who has won back-to-back-to-back conference championships. Texas can't even claim one championship last year (oh, excuse me, I forgot about thier chess team). And, Cedric Benson (their role model????????? out on work release yet?)...He only rushed for 48 yards against NT two years ago, and we're better on defense now, better on offense by far, and we have great special teams. The only view of Patrick Cobbs Texas will get is the back of his jersey as he whizzes past them.

Ok, I don't mean to demean the Longhorns, and they have a great program, but after our game, they'll all need a 12 step program and rethinking their uppityness.

Is "uppityness" even a word? And I think that the only "whizzing" Patrick Cobbs will do is when he pees himself at the sight of Derrick Johnson running full speed his way.

I'll agree that most Texas fans could use a 12-step program. That has nothing to do, though, with North Texas.


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