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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Baseball: Triplets for the Twins 

Minnesota clinched its third consecutive AL Central division title last night.

Three in a row? Wasn't it just three years ago that Bud Selig floated the idea of contracting this franchise? The sad thing is that I'm more than just a casual baseball fan, and I hadn't even realized that the Twins were on the verge of such an impressive feat. They get no press down this way, and though I remember them playing in the ALDS a few years back, you never hear them mentioned in the discussions of the best teams in baseball.

It makes me wonder: When the Astros were in the midst of their own division championship streak (three in a row from 1997-1999), was the rest of the country as oblivious/apathetic toward Houston as they seem to be toward Minnesota? This is, after all, a franchise with two World Championships.


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