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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Astros: It's Never Easy 

You simply can't lose you're composure when you're facing Scott Rolen. Roger Clemens did that and now a 4-2 Astros lead is a 4-4 tie in the bottom of the seventh.

No poker references tonight. I'll just say that sucks. Just like the Cubs.

Jeff f'n Bagwell!!!

If there's been one constant in Houston's season, it would have to be a steady stream of vile, unfair, over-the-top criticism of Jeff Bagwell from a large contingent of Astros "fans."

Well to everyone (and many of them can be found here) that that has gotten their kicks all season long by taking potshots at my boy Baggy, I have one thing to say:

Fuck you.

That "non-clutch," "over the hill," "overpaid," "needs-to-sit-down-to-make-room-for Mike Lamb" first baseman -- the one that has only been Mr. Freaking Astro for more than a decade -- has now saved this team's ass, and playoff hopes, on consecutive nights.

Tonight it was a line drive off of the left field wall to drive in Willy Taveras. Lance Berkman's follow-up double was enough to get Bags in from first to make it 6-4 Astros. That's called hustle boys and girls, and Jeffrey Robert Bagwell has given you that day in and day out since 1991.


Last month there was a thread on Hornfans.Com, just before the final four-game series of the year with Chicago, discussing Houston's chances at the Wild Card. I believe that the Astros trailed Chicago by six games at the time. I made the comment that if Houston took three of four, they'd win the Wild Card. Damn, I wish I had saved that thread (they expire after 30 days).

It's been a long and often painful road this season, but with three games to go, Astros fans can finally feel confident in this club's chances to make the playoffs. In some respects, it still feels like they've underachieved, but I don't think that's true.

Only the most optimistic of Houston fans expected them to run away with the division. Most figured that the team would win 90-95 games and figure into the mix with a handful of other good clubs. That's exactly what they've done. At worst they'll enter Friday's series with Colorado a game behind the Giants. At best they can have a game lead on Chicago and San Fran.

It's going to be a wild weekend.


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