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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Astros: Eleven!?!? 

There's no truth to the rumor that Cincinnatti management has officially delivered the team's title deed to Roy Oswalt, but at least in a figurative sense, Roy owns the Reds. Heading into the 7th inning, The Wiz has win No. 17 of the season firmly in his grasp, which would push his career record against Cinci to 11-0.


Tonight that mark holds a double significance. Yes, Roy moves to 11-0 against the Reds, but more importantly, Houston moves to 11-0 in their last eleven games.


What now?

Tomorrow the Rocket takes the hill in the series finale with Cinci. I'd say that you have to like Houston's odds to complete another sweep. The BBGs might decide that they've had enough, but realistically speaking, Clemens pitching with a red-hot Astros offense behind him is a good recipe for success.

Then what? This is what worries me. Houston travels to Pittsburgh for five games in four days this weekend, before taking a day off prior to starting a three-game set in St. Louis. Now Houston has gone 10-2 against the Bucs so far this year, but in those five games, they'll have to depend on not only Backe, Hernandez and Munro, but also a spor starter that will likely be Brandon Duckworth or Tim Redding.

Backe pitched well yesterday, and I'd like to think that he and Carlos Hernandez can continue their recent hot streaks. The thing is, they have to, or else the offense has to continue scoring nine runs a game, as they have averaged in this eleven game winning stretch. But no matter, Houston has no margin for error. Chicago isn't going to just fold, and as long as they have three fewer losses than the Stros, Houston has to keep winning.

You know, you can tell yourself "I just want to see competitive baseball" when your team is ten games behind. but when they're a game and a half back, you get greedy. You want it all. I want the wild card. I want that elusive playoff series win. Screw it, I want a World Series.


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