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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sports: Dallas Cuts Q-Car 

I'm a sad Cowboys fan today. Quincy Carter, who gave his critics a middle finger on his way to a 10-6 record last season, will no longer wear the Silver and Blue. Rumors say that failed drug tests contributed to the organization's decision to part ways with Carter.

Like many other Dallas fans, I had hoped Quincy would continue his progression as the starting QB in Dallas. Drew Henson's acquisition earlier this year clouded Carter's future, as did the siging of veteran Vinnie Testaverde . But I still held out hope that Quincy could put together a solid 2004 campaign.

Now with Carter gone and Vinnie the likely starter, I'm left wondering where the team will end up this year. After three consecutive 5-win seasons, Dallas busted out of the gate in 03 and held on to grab a Wild Card playoff spot. I'm not confident they can repeat that, especially with Methusalah manning the QB spot.

Training Camp opened five days ago, and 2004 already seems like it's over. I sesnse a long four months ahead in Valley Ranch.


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