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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sports: Could Ricky Resurface? 

Might Ricky Williams un-retire in 2005?

Ricky, I love ya, man, but you're crazy.


I'd honestly like to block Ricky's post-UT career out of my mind. It never happened. My last Ricky real Ricky memory came on a frigid New Year's morning, when he doled out concussions to three Mississippi State Bulldogs. And no matter what he did -- or potentially ever does -- in the NFL, Ricky's fans will always remember him for a 60-yard TD jaunt that broke Tony Dorsett's NCAA career rushing record.

That was the Ricky Williams I cheered for -- not the shy guy that kept his Saints helmet on during interviews, or the burnout that left his Miami teammates high and dry on the brink of training camp. As someone who's followed his career since we were both freshmen at UT, I much preferred the old Ricky. Stay retired, Rick.


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