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Friday, August 27, 2004

Random: Burger Talk 

Scott Chaffin celebrates the hamburger's 100th birthday with a rundown of his favorite burgers.

Austin has a number of great burger spots. You can't go wrong with the Crown & Anchor's cheeseburger basket (it includes some of the only fries I'll actually eat), which fills you up for less than four bucks. A few other campus legends -- Dirty's and Player's -- also rank near the top of any local burger rankings.

Hut's, home of specialty burgers like the Ritchie Valens and the Kitchen Sink, never fails to hit the spot, though their prices exceed their quality. And no list of Austin spots would be complete without tipping the forty to the departed greatness that was G&M Steakhouse, the only place in the world that charged you extra for a burger without cheese.

As far as chain restaurants go, Fuddrucker's has no equal. I'll put it right up there with any of the local dives. And when you're in the mood for fast food, the list begins and ends with Whataburger. Our Yankee friends might disagree (it seems that non-Texans never end up liking WB as much as the natives), but a Whataburger with cheese, bacon and jalapenos, complemented by a side of onion rings, makes a meal that befits any true Texan.


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