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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Politics: Wictory Wednesday! 

Today is Wictory Wednesday, and it's time to ask: What's at stake in this year's presidential election? My former professor, Marvin Olasky, offers an answer to that question in his latest column.

This period between the major political party conventions is a good time to think through what's at stake in this year's presidential election. Leaders of voter registration drives on both sides speak of a "pivotal election” -- is that hype or truth?
As is usually the case with his columns, Olasky takes a close look at the ramifications regarding the election's affect on Christianity in America. He also cites defense and the War on Terror as the two key national issues, a point I have made repeatedly in the past.

And then there is the nagging problem of judicial activism. Our next president will likely make at least one appointment to the Supreme Court, if not more, and that's not something voters should ignore.

As Supreme Court justices continue to grab power, we can either curse their dark robes or push for the appointment of candles rather than smudgepots. With several justices perhaps waiting until after the election to retire, the next president may have his judicial way for the next 30 years.
I fear that a Kerry Administration could lead to the appointment of over-reaching Supreme Court Justices, who would like to see America become Europe Lite. And if he doesn't cede our national sovereignty to the United Nations, then they very well might.

You only have two weeks left in which you can donate to the Bush campaign. Every little bit helps in the fight to preserve our Nation. And with the Loony Left relying on any and every possible tactic to unseat President Bush, it's important to make sure that our side works to counter their efforts. If nothing else, make sure your friends -- especially those in battleground states -- register to vote!


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