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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Politics: Voting Early 

It seems that more and more Americans -- the ones that actually vote -- opt to vote absentee, rather than going to the polls on Election Day.

That's a good thing, I think. So what if "Election Day" becomes a misnomer? The reality is that schedules might not always allow for getting to the polling location, so if someone has the opportunity to vote early, then he or she should go for it.

I personally prefer voting on Election Day. There's this mysterious feeling that I find appealing. People are walking in and out, and the election judges are pointing you toward your booth. All the while, everyone is really looking around at everyone else, trying to figure out which candidate they'll choose. Plus, as a representative of the apathetic under-30 demographic, I enjoy getting the "wow, some young people still care about the political process" looks from all of the older folks.

If I knew that I might have a problem getting to the polling location, however, I'd vote early without thinking twice.


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