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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Politics: The Ideology of Tolerance? 

We all know that Ted Rall is just another Liberal bomb-thrower, cast from the same mold (albeit a slightly smaller one) as Michael Moore. His column, "NYC to GOP: Drop Dead," a hateful rant that spews 905 words of petty vitriol, is par for the proverbial course.

"Drop Dead." Wow. And here I thought that those on the Left were advocates of life (for cop-killers and homicidal maniacs, that is, not unborn children of teenaged mothers-to-be). "Drop Dead." If I didn't know better, I'd think that he was just making a Seinfeld reference.

In the great Liberal tradition, Rall seems confident that the New Yorkers will bond together to run the GOP out of town. He obviously ignores the great American resolve. If our troops in the Middle East can stick it out against actual bomb-throwers, then I think the GOP -- which let's face it, is the party that still cares about the traditional American spirit -- can hang tough against a petty lot of all-talk-no-action hooligans like Rall.

ADDED: Michele gives Rall the fisking he deserves over at ASV.


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