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Monday, August 23, 2004

Politics: A Hypothetical Nightmare 

Dean Esmay asks:

In November, the Democrats pick up 40 seats in the House, 8 Senate seats, and John Kerry is elected in the greatest electoral landslide since Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Pretend it happens. If so, will you still love America as passionately as ever?
Dean will. So will I.

I'd be disappointed, but thankfully there's no chance that all of that will happen. The GOP will pick up seats in the House, though the Dems could wrest control of the Senate. Kerry might win the White House, but not in a landslide.

To elaborate, though, on the hypothetical: the beauty of the American political system is that we're allowed to make up for our mistakes. Say we do elect Kerry. If he does well then he does well, but if he's a miserable failure, we have the opportunity to replace him in four years. In the meantime, we could have just as much fun being the stubborn, pig-headed contrarians that the Democrats have been the past four years.

That raises another question: Is it almost better to be the opposition party in America?


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