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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Politics: Bush and Blogs 

WaPo's Dan Froomkin writes today that the White House "wants ... to get bloggier." (bypass registration)

I've read the B/C'04 "Morning Read" on occasion, and it's a pseudo-blog at best. Froomkin's piece, which cites White House "Internet guru" Jimmy Orr as the Bush camp's apparent chief blog proponent, indicates that the campaign does realize the influence that blogs hold. If they can tap into that, I believe it can positively affect Bush's re-election bid, now in the crucial stretch run toward November.

"Here's what the bloggers do. They notice something in the news or something they've observed that maybe the 'traditional' media hasn't covered or isn't spending much time on. But they think it is significant. So, they give the story a second life (or first). And they talk about it. And others talk about it. Before you know it, it is leading the news."
I can see Glenn Reynolds shaking his head with a "what-took-you-so-long-to-realize-it" look on his face as he reads that. As expected, Reynolds' Instapundit is included among Orr's daily reads.

Though I didn't see Dummocrats.com listed, I have to wonder if Orr might lurk there as well. This decision to freshen up the Bush camp's blogging/online strategy comes less than 24 hours after Krissy Fedora's "Dos and Don'ts of Online Campaign Marketing." Orr and his colleagues should read the list and take it to heart.


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