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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Blog: New Friends in the Blogosphere 

It's always a cool feeling when someone adds you to his or her blogroll.

Much obliged, Karol (does that sound Texan enough?)! If you're not already a regular Spot On reader, then you're really not spending your web-surfing time very wisely.

By the way, as Karol points out, she shares the same birthday as Matt and I -- April 18, 1977. That reminds me of a semi-interesting story from a few weeks ago. Despite Matt and I still getting carded regularly for adult beverage purchases, no one ever seems to comment on our shared birthday -- not since our early days as legal drinkers anyway. Recently, though, we swung by the neighborhood HEB to pick up beer for a pool party. Matt paid first, and had already started walking to the car as I handed the clerk my ID.

"Are you two twins?" the guy asked me. "I see you and your friend have the same birthday."

He probably thought I was trying to be rude when I told him no, we weren't related. I really wasn't. I was just perplexed that the guy obviously examined the IDs close enough to discover the matching birthdays, but not close enough to see that we have different last names. Maybe he just didn't look at the names at all. Sometimes I wonder if bouncers think we're underagers that happened to buy our IDs from the same maker.

ADDED: Hey, I see we're listed at Dummocrats, too! Thanks to James, Kris and Betsy!


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