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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sports: A Simmons Rant 

Poor Sports Guy. He didn't get to see the Sox and Yankees play Saturday afternoon, so he channels his anger toward MLB's national broadcast blackout policy.

How is it good for the sport of baseball not to make an important game available to a large percentage of the country? What's the logic? Seriously? Do they assume that I like baseball so much that A) they can black out my favorite team; B) I will happily watch a game involving two teams that I normally couldn't care less about; and C) I won't hold a grudge about this?
The thing is, Simmons got to see the Giants play St. Louis. I'd argue that it was just as important a game, if nor more, than New York-Boston.

I cannot begin to express how little I care about the plight of the Yankees and Red Sox fans. When did this become the only MLB game that matters? Sure, they played an exciting ALCS last season, but the fact is that the Yankees own the Red Sox. They own them. And until Boston wins a game of consequence over their northeastern neighbors, then this is simply not that great a rivalry, much less the best in sports.

Everytime ESPN spends three segments pimping another game bewteen the teams, I want to freaking puke. It's eastern bias/arrogance run amok. Don't believe me? Continue reading Simmons' whiney tantrum:

Here's the point: On Saturday, July 24, 2004, the customers at Mandalay Bay's sports book were treated to exactly one baseball game all afternoon: a riveting contest between the Cardinals and Giants. I'm sure there were pennant implications and stuff. It's just that I don't care. I don't care about the National League. I care about the Red Sox.
No, here's the point, Bill. There are 30 MLB teams. A good third of them are still in the hunt for postseason berths, and last I checked, your Sox are in about the same piss-poor shape as my Astros (i.e., hanging on by a thread). So your mediocre team deserves no more national coverage than a dozen other squads.

The sad thing is that New York and Boston did square off on ESPN's Sunday night game. In fact, I'd wager that at least half of the teams' meetings this year have drawn national coverage. God forbid one game go untelevised.

Poor Sox fans.


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