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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Politics: Wictory Wednesday! 

Two nights ago I had a series of bad dreams, which repeatedly woke me during the night. By the time I dragged my groggy self out of bed around 7:30, I could only remember one of the dreams, but it left me with a prescient that I couldn't shake.

The episode had me watching FoxNews on the evening of Nov. 2. The state-by-state scroll on the screen went through one John Kerry win after another. Even Texas fell pray to the map's blue sprawl. By the time it finished, Kerry had ousted George W. Bush in a landslide.

We can't let that happen. Today is Wictory Wednesday. That means that today is a day of action for George Bush supporters. If you have the means, head over to B/C'04 and donate to the campaign. If you don't, then head over there anyway and volunteer. You can register your friends to vote or write a letter to your local newspaper.  Then you can come back here and check out the Wictory Wednesday blogroll (on the sidebar, below my other links), and support your fellow supporters.


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