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Friday, July 30, 2004

Politics: Silly Statement Alert! 

Henrey Cisneros:

"We certainly can make Texas a blue state again ... Texas at heart is not a Republican state."
I beg to differ. Maybe an influx of Yankee emigrants in the past decade or so has helped the Liberal cause, but the Lone Star State is solid GOP country, as evidenced by the 2002 state elections that saw Republicans sweep just about every major state office.

Look at a county-by-county map of the 2000 election, too. You'll find a few scattered blue specks in a sea of red. Texans don't just vote Republican. They overwhelmingly vote Republican. President Bush took about 60% of the vote last time, and he'll probably repeat that this November.

The Republican party owns the Governor's mansion, both U.S. Senate seats, a majority in the U.S. House, and it has captured the state in each presidential election since 1980. Cisneros' statement is laughable, at best.


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