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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Politics: The Only Issue 

I'm not the only person that thinks Campaign 2004 boils down to one issue. Michele at ASV says basically the same thing I said a few days ago.
I am a security mom. It's a label I wear with pride. It's the reason I am voting the way I am in November. I don't think a man who is disappointed in the findings of a committee that says our president and our recent past president were doing all they could would make a good president. I don't think a man who knows so little about the people in his entourage would make a good president. And, if I can be frank here, I think John Kerry would be the worst thing to happen to national security since Jimmy Carter. Instead of pandering to me, to the people who are worried about the future of this nation, to the people who want protection and the people who want their safety concerns addressed, he panders to the far left liberals who think making up with France is a priority.

She goes into a little more detail than I did on Tuesday, but we're both making the same argument.


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