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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Politics: Michael Moore Invades Crawford, TX 

I'm semi-involved in the Austin Townhall Conservative Meet-up group, and I heard about the following event via their list-serve.

According to Paul McDaniel at the Crawford Peace House, in a phone call this afternoon, Michael Moore will indeed be in Crawford for a special screening of his antiwar documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11 along with his co-producer Jeff Gibbs and it won't have to be seen on a sheet hung from the side of a barn either! A business owner from Austin will be lending the Crawford Peace House "top notch" movie equipment. The Austin donors will shortly be opening a new theater in Bellmead, on the outskirts of Waco, dubbed the Alamo Draft House that includes the option of having dinner and a beer instead of the usual popcorn with a not-for-first-run film.

According to Paul McDaniel "All are welcome," especially those who intend to vote for President Bush in November. The group is suggesting an $8.00 donation to enter. Skip Landos, founder of Friends of Peace said recently that the screening would be a fundraiser for the Peace House, but that GOP members are invited to come for free.

"We don't want to play it just for people who already know what it says and already agree with it," Landos told the Waco Tribune Herald last week. "We want to play it for people who don't read the progressive news wire and that sort of thing...and encourage some sort of dialogue...We want to invite anyone who shows a Republican (voter) registration card to enter for free."

Michael Moore himself has invited President Bush to the Crawford showing in an open letter addressed to the President on the home page of his website. In it Moore says, "I write to invite you to the inaugural showing of "Fahrenheit 9/11" in Crawford ... Wednesday, July 28 at dusk. I am very much looking forward to this Crawford premiere because, after all, so much of the film is set there in the months leading up to 9/11."
President Bush will remain in Crawford for the next few days, respectfully maintaining a low profile while the Democrats hold their convention.

I would expect an enormous GOP response to this little publicity stunt. If Moore wants to bait the President, then perhaps he should have chosen a venue in liberal-friendly Austin. Crawford is in the middle of the Bible Belt, and people take their patriotism seriously in that part of the state. I think he might be in for an unpleasant evening.


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