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Monday, July 26, 2004

Politics: Bu-shhhhh! 

The Kerry camp is asking all speakers at this week's Democratic Convention to refrain from Bush-bashing. Is Al Gore capable of anything else these days?

With the Astros facing a win-or-else situation, I'll only end up watching bits and pieces of the Boston 'D' Party, but I'll try to offer some thoughts. Democratic strategist and FoxNews contributor Susan Estrich quipped that viewers should count how many times they hear President Bush's name tonight. She also added that Kerry advisors vetted, and rejected, as many as 12 speeches because of anti-Bush content.

Anyone want to keep count?

UPDATE: Al Gore: "Take it from me, every vote counts ... And this time, let's make sure that every vote is counted."

It's like some DNC lackey wrote a speech in January 2001, and then distributed it to every party figure for use whenever speaking to a crowd of more than three people.


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