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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Music: Learning to Count 

I keep reading reviews that call the Old 97's Drag it Up the band's sixth album. Does that mean that I was the only peron that bought Early Tracks?

Sure, there was no hype surrounding its release (after Fight Songs and before Satellite Rides), and it wasn't nearly as good as anything else they've done, but Early Tracks is still an Old 97's album and should be considered as such.

Besides, it contains a few pretty good tracks: Harold's Super Service, Eyes for You and W-I-F-E (which was also included on Wreck Your Life).

Pre-emptive Edit: I checked the official site and it lists Early Tracks as an EP, not a full-length album. I suppose I'm wrong then. Eight tracks usually exceeds the length of an average EP, so therein lies my confusion.

Still, if you like the band's old-school twang and grit, then check out Early Tracks.


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